Align your DAO to greatness with these features for the full Sacred Experience

On Chain Anon Messaging

We use Semaphore and IPFS to make keep your community’s messages anonymous and unstoppable.


Interoperable Reputation

Users earn reputation through their actions and contributions. With Unirep, this reputation is transferable across DAOs and dApps


Adaptive Access Control

DAOs can have joining requirements, such as the type or quantity of token, including NFTs. DAOs are able to have multiple joining requirements to make sure the right people are allowed to participate.


AI Digests

Reduce governance burden by making proposals easier to read and consume through AI. Our AI converts proposals to Key Insights for easier consumption.


Contributor Co-Pilots

Get AI help in crafting proposals to keep them informative, to the point and well written.


AI Assist Forum Moderation

Our AI is trained to stop spam, help categorize posts and work with Mods to keep their job easy and effective, so they can focus on working with your community

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